Cross-Cultural Training

Aylon Slater offers innovative models for cross-cultural training - models that are especially suited for mastering culture in a complex and global organizational environment.

Every training process begins with a thorough needs assessment process, aimed at gaining an insight into the needs of prospective participants, as well as the objectives of the group, business unit, or company as a whole.

When the needs assessment process ends, a joint decision is made, along with the client, on the training model most suited for mastering culture:

  • Co-training (with a Country Specialist) - a co-training model which pairs up a professional cross-cultural trainer, with a native consultant who has business experience, preferably in the client’s sector or industry.
  • Co-training (with a native employee of the company) - this model, too, makes use of a cross-cultural training specialist and native consultant; however, since the consultant is an employee of the organization, the knowledge and skills, that are gained during the preparation of the training, remain within the organization when the training ends.
  • Co-training (with an executive from the company) - this model enables an integration of cultural materials into executive or technical courses, such as Project Management, organizational Orientation Days, Introductory sessions when working with a new strategic client, and more.